We have started! And you?

We are pleased to announce the launch of the InstaTrail application, which aims to support and promote hiking, outdoor activities, and a healthy lifestyle. We welcome enthusiastic users who want to explore new places, enjoy nature, and improve their health.

Hiking is one of the most beloved leisure activities and comes with numerous physiological benefits. The first and perhaps most important advantage is its positive impact on cardiovascular health. Intensive walking and other physical activities lower blood pressure, enhance circulation, and strengthen the heart muscles.

Moreover, hiking improves the condition of muscles and joints. Climbing steep hills and mountains helps strengthen leg and back muscles while enhancing balance. Hiking is particularly recommended for the elderly as it helps prevent muscle and joint issues and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Engaging in outdoor activities and hiking also offers several mental benefits. Spending time in nature reduces stress and boosts mood. The peace and tranquility of forests, mountains, and waterside locations contribute to physical and mental rejuvenation. Hiking also provides an opportunity for discovering new places and enriching life with experiences.

The goal of the InstaTrail app is to make these advantages accessible to users and assist them in organizing and planning their hikes. Our app is user-friendly and intuitive, featuring a route planner function to help users select ideal hiking routes. Sustainability and environmental conservation are essential goals for the InstaTrail team, and the app aids users in exploring nature in the most eco-friendly manner possible.