We understand that it’s not easy to get active after a tiring day, but research has shown that dedicating 40 minutes to exercise daily can significantly improve your quality of life. InstaTrail is here to assist you with achieving this goal!

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Do something for your health

We know that it’s not easy to get moving after a tiring day, but research also proves that with 40 minutes of daily exercise, you can significantly improve your quality of life. InstaTrail is here to help you with this!

What do I need?

It’s absolutely free! All you need is a mobile phone. Download our free app, choose your mode of completion and reward when registering. Before you start, make sure there are no visitation restrictions in the area!

Why InstaTrail?

We wanted to create a platform that combines hiking trails into a single, user-friendly application! We know this is a significant challenge, and we are just at the beginning of the journey, but we are determined. The key is for you to enjoy the activity!

Let’s go outside!

Don’t you have the competitive spirit in you? No problem! All our tours can be completed by walking. For us, the most important thing is that you feel good when you get out there. Start one of our available hiking routes across the country and enjoy the wonders of nature!

Key Features

In the InstaTrail app, you can find more than 365 of Hungary’s most beautiful hiking trails, which you can easily search for and view within the application. The following features will help you complete any hike or trail comfortably.


In the InstaTrail app, you can find all official hiking trails, so with the help of tourist signs and GPS, you always know exactly where you are.

Offline map

The offline map allows you to easily navigate through the forest even without an internet connection.


Thanks to the built-in checkpoints, you can check at any time how close you are to completing your journey.

Stay on track!

Az alkalmazás automatikusan jelzi, ha letérnél a tervezett túraútvonaladról.

Help us!

We are grateful for your support in downloading Instatrail! It’s important to note that our service is just starting, and there may still be bugs in the application. However, we promise to continuously work on improving and developing the app to provide the best possible experience for InstaTrail users. We kindly ask you to report any errors or feedback you may have, and please be patient while we address them. Thank you for your trust and cooperation!

Embark on the path of champions!

With the gamification of the app, our goal is to boost motivation while making the usage more enjoyable. Additionally, by earning physical medals, we aim to make your hikes more memorable.

We will reward the first 50 users who complete at least 5 different hikes with our Early Bird medal!


The opinion of our users is important to us.

Great trails: I really like that there are many hiking routes, and the descriptions are detailed. The difficulty levels and durations are very helpful in choosing the right hike.

Tóth Róbert

Good user interface: The app is very easy to use, and the offline map has often been useful when planning hikes. The GPS worked quite well, but it’s advisable to bring up the app at checkpoints to ensure it has recorded accurately.

Pakó Géza

Overall, we had a positive experience with InstaTrail. We are glad we had the opportunity to use it during our hikes. Suggestions: It would be nice to see some additional features, such as a backpack checklist.

László Albert