Explore the world on your terms!

InstaTrail, is a service that helps you create and share your favourite hiking paths with others. Share the beauty of nature with your friends and family. Guide others to hidden locations or lesser known places!

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InstaTrail is the perfect companion to explore the beauty of nature with! Let it be a small walk, or a hiking experience lasting a day, we provide an excellent opportunity for relaxation both for you and your loved ones. Get yourself out there, and explore the world with us!



We’ve gone through several iterations of our application recently, and every time we wanted to try a new idea we were able to find the perfect starting point in InstaTrail.


Share the experience!

With the help of InstaTrail you can conveniently share your favourite hiking paths with others. Make the beauty of nature reachable to everyone.


Let others walk in your footsteps!

Create your own hiking paths, so others can experience the beauty of nature like you do! In case you only want to take on a hike, check out our existing paths throughout the country.


You decide when you are ready!

Our hiking paths can be completed regardless of date or the time of the day.


Do it as you desire!

You can test yourself in multiple cathegorties, let it be walking or running the distance either in the city, or in nature.


Share your performance!

Amaze your friends and family with your achievements on certain tracks by sharing them on social media.


Great activity alone or with the family.

Multpile of our pathways are suitable for children aswell, making hiking the perfect family activity.


What Our Customers Are Saying!

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